We know how to make things happen

We are a team of inspired professionals who believe in power of event marketing.

We know how to make things happen

We are a team of inspired professionals who believe in power of event marketing.

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We always make sure our guests enjoy service with unforgettable touch of traditional Russian hospitality.

We are convinced that travelling to Russia can easily make the most exciting part of any world tour, since opportuninties to create success presented here are immense, like the country itself. We have the great honor to play host to the most admired celebrities on the planet.

Handlers, assistants and guides take care of all the necessities as well as all the little cravings

From the very first meeting at the airport our guests are surrounded by courteous and knowledgeable staff.

Our security guards have not only an impressive background, they are also tactful and discreet in any situatuion.

They excel at managing a crowd of fans and protecting a star from paparazzi. These professionals are used to keep in mind a plan B

and half a dozen of other plans for every eventually, so that our clients could have peace of mind at any given moment of their visit.

We hire exclusively luxury vehicles and experienced drivers.

We understand that very often the only time our busy guests can affors to sit back and relax is the time of the ride from one place to another.

We do our utmost to tailor the accommodations to suit any specific request.

Our guests stay, of course, in the very best hotels. Tiny details can make a big difference, so we always go the extra mile to manage them accordingly.

A movie premiere, concert, banquete, press-conference, photo session...

Whether you plan the extravaganza of the century with great media coverage or a small stylish secret party, we can handle it.

With plenty of ideas and access to every venue, we always come up with something that makes special events really

Carefully orchestrated, yet bubbly and joyous, your event will be the one to remember.

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“For me Russia is a very special place. My only close rela- tive, my grandpa, was born here. So I frankly believe that everything that comes from Russia can bring me success”
— Michael Bay
“Back in high school days, in Australia, I studied Russian history a little. Even then Russia had seemed to me a very beautiful and mysterious country. But, at that time, I couldn't even imagine seeing it with my own eyes”
— Hugh Jackman
“Anyway you look, we all grew up under a great influence of Russian culture, Russian cinema, Russian literature. Here, all our expectatrions have been fulfilled, at full scale”
— Tom Cruise
“My troll foot has been to many places. It loves it here in Moscow!”
— Danny DeVito
“I’ve heard a lot about Russia. But hearing and coming here is not the same. It’s a pity that it’s not for too long”
— Benicio del Toro
“For my first time in Moscow, I am hon- oured, it’s a privilege... All the love and support, it’s been amazing... And for me, I come here, I meet everybody, I eat, and I work out, and I drink a little, yes. Thank you!”
— Dwayne ‘Rock’ Johnson
“It's my first time in Moscow, although coming to Russia was one of my oldest dreams. So I hope to come back some day and bring my daughter here, I guess she's going to like it.'i”
— Salma Hayek
“Guys, we're so happy to be here, like Dwayne (Johnson) said, like Paul (Walker) said. You've all been so hospita- ble to us, you've all been so welcoming. You made us want to come back!”
— Vin Diesel
“It’s my first time here, and I hope it’s not the last one”
— Brendan Fraser


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